There are many youth ministry books out there.  Some are great, others not so helpful.  A few that have influenced our youth ministers are:

Gospel Centered Youth Ministry” edited by Cameron Cole is a book filled with chapters by many authors and covers a wide scope of subjects within youth ministry.  Get it on Amazon

Effective Youth Ministry” by Ken Moser which can be ordered directly from

Growing Up: Biblical Youth Ministry in the Local Church” by Dave Fenton can be ordered at Amazon.  Dave visited us some years ago and did teaching at an Infusion overnight.  It was one of the best we have had.  Dave embodies our vision for youth ministry.

Several other titles have influenced our ministries even though they are not directly youth ministry titles.  These include:

Do Hard Things” by Brett & Alex Harris is a challenge to the low expectations of teenagers.  Written by two guys who at the time were teens themselves, the book has a foreward written by none other than Chuck Norris!

One to One Bible Reading” by David Helm has helped our youth leaders and students see how to do evangelism and discipleship by getting others into scripture.

Visionary Parenting” by Rob Rienow has helped our churches think through equipping parents for their role as primary disciple makers in the home.  Rob is a former youth pastor of many years and teaches in our diocese often.  His time with us at an Infusion overnight was also one of the best we have had.

Dig Deeper” by Nigel Beynon & Andrew Sach has equipped students and youth leaders alike with the tools for interpreting scripture.  This easy to read, short book inspires people to dig into God’s word.

in the Diocese of South Carolina